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Over 3.000 Original Drum Sounds, VST Presets, MIDI Files, Mixing Presets & More.


What's inside:

WAVStash | XXL Sound Collection


  • 1500x Original Drum Sounds
  • 110x Chord MIDIs
  • 130x HiHat MIDIs
  • 177x Melody MIDIs
  • 300x Mixing Presets
  • 350x One Shots
  • 450x VST Presets
  • Beat Selling PDF (Bonus)
  • Over 13 GB In Total
  • 100% Royalty FREE
Get "WAVSTASH" for only $27!
  • FL Studio
  • Pro Tools
  • Ableton
  • Cubase
  • Logic Pro X
  • Studio One
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Pro mixed & Original Sounds

Drum Sounds & Instrumental One Shots

Packed with over 1500 top-notch drum sounds including booming 808s, punchy kicks, crisp snares, vibrant hi-hats, and more. Plus, it's loaded with instrumental one-shots such as bells, keys, leads, plucks, etc. All sounds were exported using UAD Analog Hardware to ensure the highest quality.

Get "WAVSTASH" for only $27!

Drag & Drop For A Faster Workflow

HiHat, Chord & Melody MIDI Files

Loaded with over 400 MIDI files, our collection enables you to craft best-selling beats, ranging from catchy hi-hat patterns to chord concepts and award-winning melodies. These MIDI files will significantly expedite your workflow in record time.

Get "WAVSTASH" for only $27!

Custom made Presets

VST & Mixing Preset Banks

Create high-quality beats effortlessly using our VST presets made for Omnisphere, Serum, Xpand!2, Analog Lab V. Additionally, we provide mixing presets for FL Studio and Fab Filter ProQ3, ensuring your beats achieve flawless mixes with just one click.

Get "WAVSTASH" for only $27!

Get WAVStash - Worth Over $799,95

For Only $27

Frequently Asked Questions


Are these sounds royalty free?

The WAVStash on our site is royalty free for online beat leasing and small (under 1 million stream) releases. However, once a release has reached over 1 million streams, the loop must be cleared and the royalties / publishing will be split fairly.

What is the refund policy?

All purchases are final and no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms. The reason we cannot provide a refund is that once a digital good has been downloaded, it cannot be revoked.

Can I use the WAVStash in any DAW? 

Yes! All of our loop kits, drum kits, one shot kits, and midi kits will work in any DAW that accepts MP3, WAV, and MIDI forms.

How will I receive my WAVStash after I purchased it?

You'll be provided with a download link right after purchase. In addition, we send you a confirmation email with your download link so you can download it later if you want.