Vinyl | RC 20 Retro Color Presets


Vinyl | RC 20 Retro Color Presets

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Transform your music production with our custom-made presets for the RC Retro Color 20 plugin. Our collection features 30 presets that will take your music to the next level by adding new dimensions to your sound. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, our presets are designed to be easy to use and fully customizable. Each preset has been carefully crafted to give you a unique sound that will set you apart from the rest. Say goodbye to boring effects and hello to exciting new sounds that will inspire your creativity. With our presets, you can experiment with different styles and genres, and create music that truly reflects your artistic vision. Don't settle for ordinary - try our collection of custom-made presets today and elevate your music to new heights!


  • 30 RC 20 Retro Color Presets (Bells, Pianos, Brasses, Flutes, Guitars, etc.)
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